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Reviewers’ Quotes

“WOSH.WORLD attempts to improve and sustain the hawker culture by uplifting the hawkers’ lives through a holistic approach. There’s a lot going on in WOSH.WORLD; so many angles & pathways to look into. It is a commendable start.”
Alvin Granoff
Resort Owner and Developer
“The hawker culture has always been close to my heart. I am happy and proud to see WOSH.WORLD and its principals putting their resources to preserve and boost the growth of such culture leveraging technology.”
Azmat Taufique
Founder and Chairman, Blue Monsoon Capital
Washington, D.C., Dubai
“This book is an impassioned call to bring street food vendors and their community, indeed the entire street food industry, into a new bravely re-imagined street food business world.”
Emma Chukwubuike ORIZU
Chikki Foods Industries Limited, Nigeria
“The stories while seeking to flesh out technological ideas also brings out sense of nostalgia and romance. This is one collection of thoughts which can potentially be a game changer to the street food community.”
Jimmy Gani
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Orbitin Indonesia
“A social-purpose-driven platform dedicated to street food is a unique and worthy effort that can promote and develop the industry in a sustainable and positive direction.”
Simeon Cua
President and Chief Executive Officer
Philippine Racing Club, Inc
“WOSH.WORLD presents a fascinating perspective on street food vendors, their foundational importance to every culture around the globe and the way they so purely embody the very core of entrepreneurship.”
Jordan Kaye
Writer, Advisor and Headhunter
New York, United States
“WOSH.WORLD presents a startling, delicious new world where street food in my neighbourhood could go global. The taste, texture and fragrance of food prepared by my favourite hawker could be celebrated and secured as the latest of modern art – as a Non-Fungible Token locked up by Blockchain technology.”
Chin Saik Yoon
Southbound, Malaysia
“This book is about food security and the informal vendors whose pre-eminent roles are less-featured and whose labour of love is often under-reported."
Dr John Vong
Senior Adviser to the World Bank Group, United Nations and Asian Development Bank
Melbourne, Australia
“I was energised by the concept of regional and technological efforts that uplifts Singapore’s cultural heritage on a global stage. You have started a structure that could shape the post-COVID world for hawker culture.”
Dr Yap Kwong Weng
Principal Advisor and Executive Director (Joint Lab)
KPMG Singapore
“The first step WOSH.WORLD is taking is an all-important one - to tell us the stories of the world of street vendors – present and the past wherever they are throughout the world.”
Gerry De Silva
Head of Group Corporate Affairs
Hong Leong Group, Singapore
“Congratulations. I am happy for street food vendors worldwide as WOSH.WORLD's endeavour will enrich the street food business unit. It will give Mom and Pop operators the respect and dignity they so deserve.”
Jose Magsaysay Jr
President and Chief Executive Officer
Potato Corner, Philippines
“A bold initiative to mobilise global resources and technology to transform street food, create millions of meaningful jobs, uplift the living standard of street vendors and lay the foundation for the emergence of new breed of entrepreneurs and global street food enterprises.”
Philip Ng
Chief Executive Officer and Co-FounderL
OCSC Global, Singapore
“A timely game-changer indeed. WOSH.WORLD will certainly bring hope to communities in ASEAN where the provision of street food could spell the crucial difference between just eking an existence and a better life.”
Clement Mesenas
Journalist and Author,
“Despite the Singapore context, the book offers international applications. In an era of global and local fusions, street hawking gives us pertinent food for thought. My advice: digest it!”
Dr Victor R. Savage
Adjunct Senior Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore